Congratulations! The following artists and pieces have been accepted into the 2023 Fall Festival Show and Sale! Please review the list carefully. If you have more than 1 piece accepted, your name will appear for each piece (sorted alphabetically).  Stay tuned for more information and instructions from our gallery coordinator, Loni.

Artist Title
Alexandra Forys The Sun Will Rise Again
Alina Lloyd Moment’s of Indulgence
Alina Lloyd Sitting on the Fence
Amiel Sandland Untitled
Andrea Taylor North Channel
Audrey Smith Embark
Barbara Large Mackenzie Pioneer Road Irises
Bhavna Bhatnagar Renewal
Bhavna Bhatnagar Rejuvenation
Carol Ann Michaelson Last Paddle of the Day
Christi Anne Abraham Barn Owl
Christine Schubert Genie
Deb Menken Things Always Work Out in the End
Deb Menken Everything is Falling Into Place
Deborah Powell Metamorphosis
Denise Lini Summers Cascade
Dennis Gaumond Emerald Waters
Des Townshend Together
Eunah Cho The journey of eternal life_02
Fabienne Good The Taiwanese Farm Adventure
Fabienne Good Layered Portraits
Frank Tarantino Hilton Falls
Gita Karklins Summer Sky
Hanifa Mamujee Dragon Fruit
Helen Anne Lemke Storybook Daydreams
Helen Duplassie King Street
Hildegarde Sausik “ Connection “
Holly Atkinson I See You
Hong Wan News in the post-pandemic era
Imran Ghani Strength to Strength
Iris Ranieri Tidal Pools
Ismayil Atmaca Brutalist Cylinders
Jody Leamen The path less travelled
Karin Silverstone Northern Edge
Kathryn Thomson Specimen (group)
Kim McCarthy Sanctuary
Kim McCutcheon Boulangerie Paris
Krishna Tyagi Forming
Liam Reynolds Mauvais
Lorraine Roberts Summer in Paradise
Lynn Gilbank Forest Stump
Lynn Malenfant Deep Inside The Forest
Lynne Mack Circular Chaos
Margaret Peter Making My Mark
Margot Roi Once Upon a Time
MaryLou Hurley Delphine
Michelle Heitzner Crossroads
Mike Efford Luminance Ascending
Miles Cohen Pandemic
Mina Zare Dreamy Spring
Nahid Azari Hard Day’s Work
Nanci Miranda Emotions Cut Through
Nancy MacNabb Twisted
Nick Peterson Tiger, Tiger, Tiger
Nick Peterson Hills of Cookstown
Pat Hertzberg GREENBELT
Patricia Vega Stories of Ancient Ferns II
Patrick Stieber The Sound
Patrick Stieber Tree #6
Patty Maher Bloom
Paul Morin Birch Bluff
Paul Morin Everton Pothole
Piera Pugliese Knoll Crabapple with Cars
Robert Charles Bruce Scott Lakeshore 15
Robert Charles Bruce Scott On The Lake
Robert Charles Bruce Scott Lakeshore 13
Rosemary Hasner At Long Last
Samantha Hurley In The Storm
Sandra Robson Full Bloom
Shannon Stettner Remnants from the fire
Sherry Park Driving Toward the Sunrise
Stella Capogna Gongshi With Appendages
Stella Capogna Gongshi Renascence
Sudandyo Aprilianto Turbulent Desire #1
Sudandyo Aprilianto Turbulent Desire #2
Susan Friedman Whisper Cove
Susan Kelly Sound on Water at Sunset
Susan Powell Awaiting Abundance
Suzanne Walsh Funk It Up
Wayne Hudson Winter Juncos