At our opening on Thursday, Sept. 17 the winning artists were announced. Congratulations to all the winners!

Here is what our juror Steve Wilson had to say:

I was looking for originality, evokes a feeling or emotion, if it has a message or is able to start a conversation, offer a unique point of view, if it draws the viewer in, hold the viewers attention and adds to the overall show, the winning pieces did just that.

1st Place – Best in Show

Primrose Path by Karen Brown-

Encaustic Mixed Media 30″ x 60″

This is a very impressive piece for me for many reasons, I love the balance and placement of the flowers in the piece, by softening the edges you allow the main focus to stay within the panel,  as you explore the work closer you will find patterns within the sky creating the feeling of motion, a summer breeze blowing on the flowers and all this in an Encaustic work, well done.

2nd Place-

The Duchess by MaryLou Hurley-

Mixed Media Mosaic on Table Stand

This is a really fun piece, using recycled fragments of dishes tea cups and teapots to create a mosaic figural piece, the humor this artist has by placing the teapot lids where she did adds a whimsical element to this work, she chose the colour of the fragments carefully placing then where they needed to be to add to the design,  I loved the way she handled the arm area with handles adding a decorative element finishing off the piece.

3rd Place –

Lady Devine by Robert Chisholm

Acrylic on Wood Panel 24″ x 48″

I enjoyed the rhythm of the vines moving across the Panel balanced with the fluidity of the colours bleeding into the ground anchoring the piece, a smart decision to  choosing to paint  it on wood panel, allowing the grain of the wood to enhance and become a part of  the artwork creating an overall organic feel and motion.

Honourable Mention –

Cabbage Town Beauty  by Melissa Kristensen-Smith

Photography on Reclaimed Wood 24″ x 16″

What struck me about this piece is the way the artist presented the photograph, it has an aged look to it going along with the style and character of the house, she chose to present it on wood strappings as one would find on the floor of the house, the whole piece plays well together.


We urge you to come visit the galleries and see these and all the other beautiful pieces in person.

If that isn’t possible then you may view the entire show in our 3D tour here.