Alton Mill Art Centre  and Headwaters Arts have teamed up to

Bring YOU an On-Line Auction with 30% of proceeds donated to

Headwaters Health Care Foundation, Our Health Care Heroes!


Make YOUR bid count!

Going Once, Going Twice, and SOLD


You, your neighbours, and visitors who enjoy the beautiful Headwaters Region are invited to support Headwaters Health Care in their COVID-19 response by shopping On the Block.


The artists and tenants of the Alton Mill Arts Centre and member-artists of Headwaters Arts are contributing artistic works or services to be auctioned.  Collectively, they will be donating from these proceeds to the hospital in Orangeville, HEADWATERS HEALTH CARE FOUNDATION.


A glorious selection of artistic treasures and packages of services are available to view, bid on, and/or to purchase outright.  Minimum bids with increments are detailed on the virtual auction site:

Things to know:

  • On The Block online auction is run on the Charity Auctions Today online platform. You’ll need to provide an email address and phone number to place a bid and follow along. Notifications are sent each time a participant ups your bid on a piece.
  • The “Buy Now” option is available for most pieces. Participants who wish to purchase the artwork outright can do so for the preset amount.
  • Successful bidders will be asked to make payment for their pieces on the auction site using a credit card. Please note that a 5% service fee (what the auction site charges) will be applied at checkout.
  • Artwork can be arranged to be picked up curbside at the Alton Mill Art Centre or delivered curbside anywhere in the Greater Headwaters Area. Shipment can be arranged for purchasers outside the Headwaters Region. Shipping fees are extra and to be paid by the purchaser.
  • Artists will receive 50% of the proceeds from the sale of their works.

Bidding is open and CLOSES  June 7 at 9:59 pm

Make YOUR bid count and support our Healthcare HEROES!