Angela Coleman – Artist

 Angela Coleman – Artist



“The facts ma’am, nothing but the facts.”  And that is how it started; Angie Coleman was one of the first policewomen on the road for Peel Region.  But from that point to her gypsy lifestyle today, there has been the one constant thread: finding new forms for her creative expressive energy.

Self-described as a doodler in her adolescent years, she and a former high school friend moved into mask media. With enthusiasm for the research as much at the artistic execution, her leather masks were used in ballet productions with a later exhibit of her work, “Spirit Masks”, shown at Beaux Arts Gallery in Brampton.

Along the way Angie picked up jewellery making while teaching the Police Officer Foundations course at Sheridan College.  Her daughter’s career, as a ballet mistress in Bermuda, led to painting the pointe shoes which were used in their fund raising efforts.

Angie currently works in acrylic, oils, oils and cold wax, plus accepts commissions.  Portraiture is a love of hers, along with abstracts, and stylized, interpretative works.  A member of various arts groups, including the Police Artists of Peel, the exploring and learning involved with artistic expression continues to pull her forward.

She likes a quotation from Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching, Chapter 2.

Under Heaven all can see beauty as …

Creating, yet not possessing

  Working, yet not taking credit

Guiding, without interfering


May we all enjoy our journeys and find them as fruitful as Angie does.  Angie recently had two pieces hung in the Art SQUARED show in the HA Gallery, located at the Alton Mill Arts Centre, in May, 2019.