The Headwaters Arts Gallery Committee has been hard at work planning our show line up for 2022. We look forward with optimism for a wonderful year of ART, ART, ART!!

Keep an eye out on the website for calls to submit on the Call to Artists page.

Jan. 5 – Feb. 6: ReLaunch 2022

2022 shows the promise of new beginnings. Headwaters Arts is looking for artwork that reflects the feelings of optimism and hope for the time ahead. We are encouraging our new members and members who have not showcased for some time, to submit your artworks, be it in 2 or 3 dimensional format, to this collective effort to launch 2022 with all your wonderful creativity!

Feb. 9 – Mar. 20: Unearthing Beauty

What have you (re)discovered in your favourite creative subject matter? Unearthing Beauty will showcase artworks  that give pleasure to the mind, spirit and senses.

Mar. 23 – Apr. 24: Symphony of Seasons

New movements in our life sonatas, bring with them a symphony of changes, joys and discovery. Symphony of Seasons will have artwork that represents your experiences and memories of life.

Apr. 27 – May 29: Proposal show timeslot (see Call to Artists)

Jun. 1 – Jul. 3: Reflections

In our process of unfolding we remember what we have known. Each of our diverse threads contributes to the tapestry that is Canada. This show will be a compilation of artists’ reflections of their Canada.

July 6 – Aug. 7: The View From Here

What captures your attention, what do you see? Even when we look in the same direction we all view differently. This show will capture what artists see in their View From Here.

Aug. 10 – Sept. 11: Proposal Show timeslot (see Call to Artists)

Sept. 14 – Oct. 2: Fall Festival 2022

Oct. 5 – Nov. 6: Proposal Show timeslot (see Call to Artists)

Nov. 9 – Jan. 1: Artful Giving